Ukraine releases drone footage of artillery attacks on Russian post near Kyiv

Russian advance has found it tough to break Ukrainian defense.
Ameya Paleja
A screen grab of the footage shared Commander-In-Chief Armed Forces Ukraine/ Facebook

The Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine's Forces, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, took to social media to publish drone footage of a Ukrainian attack on a Russian post outside of Kyiv. 

Ukrainian forces haven't revealed the exact location of these attacks that saw Russian vehicles and barracks go up in thick white smoke. Business Insider also confirmed that geolocation hasn't been possible for this clip and even though it has been shared widely on social media by reporters and military analysts, the location remains under the wraps. 

Last week, the Ukrainian forces released footage of artillery attacks on a convoy of Russian tanks or armored vehicles, and the recently released video sums up how the Russian invasion has been progressing. Apart from wrestling out a couple of nuclear power plants that were under Ukrainian control, Russian troops have failed to make major gains in Ukrainian cities. 

Weapons support from Allies

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, over three weeks ago, U.S.-led allies have been providing weapons support to Ukraine. More recently, the U.S. declared an $800 million military package that includes Switchblade drones that allow selective and accurate targeting from miles away. 

While the package might take a while to arrive, Ukrainian forces have been successful using their artillery arsenal against the advancing Russian convoys. That the convoys are using roads for transport and Ukrainian drones are providing the necessary eyes in the sky, makes it relatively easy to ambush these slow-moving beasts. 

Little progress, massive losses

According to the latest reports from U.K. Defense Intelligence, Ukrainian forces have held their ground well and although Russia has used land, air, and sea to attack Ukraine, progress has been minimal. 

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Earlier this month, Russia had confirmed that it had lost 500 troops since the beginning of its 'special military operation', Business Insider reported. However, in a Facebook post, Ukrainian forces have claimed that Russia has lost 14,000 troops, 444 tanks, over 1,400 armored vehicles, 11 tactical drones, 86 aircraft, and 108 helicopters. The numbers have not been confirmed by Russia or intelligence agencies of any other country either. 

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