Footage claims a Ukrainian farmer steals a Russian tank with his tractor

It may or may not be real.
Ameya Paleja

A short video has surfaced on social media claiming that a Ukrainian farmer has seized a Russian tank and towed it away with his tractor. 

This is one of the many footages about the Russian-Ukrainian war circulating on social media that may or may not be true. For instance, an image of an eBay listing has also been circulating that shows a Russian tank that was purportedly seized by Ukrainians. Fact-checkers have delved into the matter and found that the image of the tank has been all over the internet for over a decade now. 

Fact or fiction?

So, if you happen to come across something on social media about the war, it's better not to believe it as soon as you see it.

With regards to the tractor video above, it is difficult to verify where the video was actually shot or even if it is a recent one. In the past, we have covered stories where armored vehicles have been found in the personal possession of owners and this could probably even be one of those too. 

Given how tough Russian forces have found to take over Ukrainian cities, it could also be that the tank is actually one of the lost assets of the Russians. Adding more mystery to the situation is the recent announcement from Ukraine's National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) that does not require Ukrainians to declare assets seized during the conflict. 

The NACP has gone to lengths to explain why this is so on its website.  

"Speaking by the letter of the law, combat trophies are not subject to reflection in the declaration for the following reasons: they were acquired not as a result of the conclusion of any type of transaction, but in connection with the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022 against the independent and sovereign Ukrainian state as a continuation the insidious attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine launched in 2014. Thanks to the courage and victory of the defenders of the Ukrainian state, enemy military equipment usually comes to you already destroyed and disabled, which makes it impossible to evaluate it in accordance with the law On the valuation of property, property rights and professional valuation activities in Ukraine. Therefore, it is also impossible to find out how much such property costs."

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Taking a lead from such a declaration, one could assume that there are more than one such tanks that have been towed away by those defending Ukrainian territory. While we may never know the exact counts, more details will only emerge when there is peace in the region.

In the absence of any other evidence, we cannot confirm whether the video is real for now.