UK's First Socially Distanced Concert Offers Glimpse at Future of Events

Those who get tired at festivals from standing up all the time will definitely love this.
Derya Ozdemir

Amid COVID-19, perhaps a few of the most affected industries have been the entertainment and hospitality industries, which have faced strict restrictions. However, as life starts to transition into a new normal, we have begun to experience the firsts of a coronavirus era.

Some 2,500 music fans got to experience the U.K.'s new "socially distanced" live show in a pop-venue, Virgin Money Unity Arena, on August 11. The organization was described as the U.K.'s first socially distanced concert," and from the looks of it, it sure is better than nothing.


Tuesday night, musician Sam Fender took out his guitar to perform for a crowd gathered to sit on 500 separate elevated platforms placed on a racing track field in Newcastle.

Photos and footage taken by the concert attendees show the organization and the fans enjoying the gig responsibly -- and especially for those who've always hated standing up for hours at the festivals, this might be a dream come true.

Necessary measures were taken

The platforms were spaced two meters apart and were made to hold a maximum of five people each. The concert-goers appeared to have abided by the rules and regulations of the space.

The organizators have taken all of the needed measures to make sure this doesn't end up being nightmare fuel.

The music fans were enforced to socially distance right after they enter the venue and those were to share a platform must arrive in the same car. Moreover, to avoid the long lines, the food and drinks were preordered separately from the tickets and picked up at the venue bar later.

Now that it is seen that such a concert could be pulled off, the music industry may start to move away from the standstill it is currently experiencing. Artists including Van Marrison, Jimmy Carr, and Bill Bailey are expected to follow suit later this year, with more events down the line.

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