UK's Leading Producer of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Opens a Massive Facility

The new facility falls in line with the UK's target of net-zero emissions by 2050.
Donovan Alexander

If you did not know already, Hyperdrive Innovation just opened the UK's largest independent battery manufacturing facility. Home to Hyperdrive Innovation, the battery maker has invested a little over £7m into the new facility since 2014.


The new facility perfectly coincides with the UK government's target of net-zero emissions by 2050 and even aligns with Jaguar Land Rover's new reinvestment into electric vehicle production into the United Kingdom. 

The UK's Electric Trend

For the uninitiated, the UK government recently passed legislation that will commit the UK to net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. This moment was historic as it is the first G7 country to do so.

The new legislation amends the Climate Change Act of 2007 which called for 80% an emissions reduction and raises it to a full 100%. This new shift has already manifested itself via the rekindled electric investment by leading companies including Hyperdrive. 

Dubbed HYVE, the new facility is expected to create new engineering and manufacturing jobs in the Sunderland area. Even more so, the new facility will enable Hyperdrive to produce 30,000 battery packs a year and accelerate the company’s product development and technology pipelines.

“We’re working with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative organizations in the world as their trusted electrification and energy storage partner. HYVE enables us to deliver a high-quality product, providing our customers with the right energy at the right time," says Hyperdrive CEO Chris Pennsion. 

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While Sunderland City Council leader Councillor Graeme Miller expressed their excitement for the facility by stating, “Hyperdrive is a terrific example of Sunderland’s world-class status in automotive, advanced manufacturing and knowledge economy."  

“Its phenomenal growth and global success will bring new opportunities and highly skilled jobs to the city, and help to solve urgent energy and environmental challenges worldwide. We’re delighted to work alongside Hyperdrive as it grows.”

The facility is 21,000 sq. ft and will also feature a new £50,000 software system to help with manufacturing planning decisions and enable efficient stock control.  

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