Your Feet Will Thank You for These Ultrathin, Bluetooth-Connected Heated Insoles

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Every day, there is a continuous exchange of data between billions of devices. With the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth technology connects more devices each day. But the company ‘+t’ takes the concept of connected devices to next level.

The company developed heated insoles which can warm up your feet using an app. Thats right. +t’s +Winter insoles are rechargeable, amazingly light in weight and wafer-thin which can easily slide into your favorite shoes.

Heated insoles are nothing new. However, +t solves the known problem, overheating.  A built-in accelerometer turns on the heat whenever it is required. Unlike other insoles, the +Winter insoles are connected through Bluetooth and operated right from your smartphone's app.

+Winter insoles come with a tagline ‘No more cold feet, both in everyday life and in your sports activity.’

How does it work?

Using the +Winter insoles is quite simple and quick. All you need is an app on the phone. After you download the +t app from either Apple app store or Google play store, pair your phone with your insoles. Now set the desired temperature and enjoy.

The tip of the insole gently heats your foot through a set of high-tech resistances sealed inside the insole. The heat adjusts automatically after attaining the desired temperature. Each insole holds a battery hidden in the heel area and takes up to 3 hours for complete charging. Additionally, the built-in battery can keep your feet warm up to 5 hours. You can easily check battery status and also save battery life by simply switching on and off, right from the app.

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Manufactured in the north of Italy, the waterproof insoles can be charged wirelessly. Moreover, you can easily adjust the temperature with a simple smartphone app. This makes +Winter insoles truly easy-to-use, handy in all the situations where your feet and subsequently your entire body get cold.

With an extensive development and testing phases, the +Winter insoles took three long years to design the ergonomic fit, thinnest insole. The CE certified product is no bigger than an average non-heated insole.

Due to its ultra-thin design, you won’t even feel the +Winter insole inside your shoe. In other words, +Winter insole is only 2mm at the tip and 6mm towards the heel. +Winter insoles are explicitly designed and fully compatible with SIDI cycling shoes. In addition, these insoles can be used with all kinds of semi-rigid soles including rubber boots, ski boots, snowboard boots, and horse ride boots. Moreover, they possess extreme thermal comfort making sure that neither sweat nor humidity would distract your usage.

Your Feet Will Thank You for These Ultrathin, Bluetooth-Connected Heated Insoles[Image Source: +t]

Shipping details:

The product started as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in November 2016 and is estimated to reach its backers by December 2017. At present, the insoles are available for sale only in Europe and looking for support to raise enough money to invest in the USA and Canada and also attain certifications. This widens the company’s horizons thereby expanding the product for more people to enjoy +Winter warmth and comfort.

Enjoy the warmth with the pioneering technology and an easy to use +t smartphone app through which you can fully control the perfect temperature.

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