UN Responds to Elon Musk’s Terms for Donating $6 Billion To Solve World Hunger

The UN says over 42 million lives are at stake.
Ameya Paleja

A couple of weeks after Tesla CEO Elon Musk challenged the UN's World Food Program (WFP) to publicly state how it plans to spend the donations and save millions from starvation, the WFP has responded and put the ball back in Musk's court by publishing the details he needed to make a donation.

The WFP has been highlighting the plight of millions of people who are at risk of starvation and appealed to billionaires around the world to donate a small portion of their profits. Musk had then said that he would be happy to help the cause if the UN published how it planned to spend the money. It might have taken the WFP a little while, but it has now published a break up of the $6.6 billion funds that it has been seeking. 

According to the post on the WFP website, about $3.5 billion or a little more than half of the money will be spent on procuring food for the people and ensuring its delivery. The WFP plans to use different modes of transport to ensure "last mile" delivery, even involving security escorts in conflicted regions. 

The next two billion dollars is reserved for food and cash vouchers for areas where markets are still operating. This, the WFP says, will not only allow people to buy food of their choice but also support the local economies in the affected areas. Another $700 million is earmarked to be spent at country levels to build facilities that will oversee the aid being distributed and the remaining $400 million for operations management and payments to independent auditors who will oversee the program.

WFP chief David Beasley also took to Twitter and tagged Musk while reiterating the appeal to contribute to the cause. 

Continuing on the thread, Beasley named five countries that account for almost 50 percent of the people the WFP plans to help with these funds stating that the state of people in these countries is worse than what one can possibly imagine

Beasley further went on to state that WFP takes transparency and accountability very seriously and already places its "financial statements, operational plans, audits & annual reports" in the public domain. He then shared a link to a page on the WFP website that was published earlier this month and links to a series of reports published by WFP with regards to its operations and expenses.

Musk had asked for sunlight over how the WFP plans to spend the money and the UN body has delivered. Now, it is up to Musk to stick to his word. He has already sold some of his Tesla stock and has cash in hand.

What else does he want next, results from a Twitter poll? Oh, wait, Musk makes decisions first and then sets up a poll

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