Underground beer fridge will keep your cans cool this summer

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Summer is here and it is the perfect time for those BBQs in the back garden or just hanging out with a few friends and enjoying a beer. If you like your beer cold but you just hate the thought of getting up and going to the fridge to get a refill, you might like this new invention to come from a Danish company that keeps your beers cold outside in the garden. It works by keeping your beer cans in a 1.13m tube underground, so essentially eCool is a beer fridge.


[Image Source: eCool]

This new device comes with the name of the eCool and it allows you to store as many as 24 cans of your favourite beer right in the garden underground. This means that it can take advantage of the fact that underground is cooler and so it keeps your beer cool. When the system is installed in the garden it lies underground and you can just pull out a beer and the next automatically comes to the top where it waits for you.


[Image Source: eCool]

The company say that the system could be installed using a shovel, however they do recommend the easy way of installation, this is using a garden drill. This is the perfect system for those who are eco-friendly as the beer is kept cold without having to use any electricity.


[Image Source: eCool]

The eCool system means that you always have a cold beer to hand and it’s very easy to install. It is a total of 113 cm in height, with a weight of 12kg and 22 to 30 cm in diameter. You can store as many as 24 cans in the system and you don’t have to drink them all in the same day, the cans can remain in place for up to one year.

article-0-1E5C602D00000578-750_306x423[Image Source: eCool]

The eCool system could be installed on grass or even on a wooden deck, with a hole drilled through it. So before the World Cup starts you might want to consider grabbing yourself one of these if you are having your friends around to watch.


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