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The underground Swiss Mountain home is a very unusual home that was born from a plan between Christian Muller Architects and architects in the Netherlands at SeARCH. Located in Vals, Switzerland, the property is situated among mountain houses. However, you do have to look very carefully, otherwise you could miss it, as it does have a very unusual design.

underground-home-designs-swiss-mountain-house-1[Image Source: Iwan]

One of the things that most strikes you when first looking at the Swiss Mountain home is that it is located underground. This however leads to another factor that is striking, the fact that is has a stunning Alpine view. This isn’t the typical view, say from the bedroom window or balcony. This is a view out over the Alps from the elliptical opening which has been set into the hillside of the mountain, where the house is set.

This opening offers outdoor entertaining areas that are spacious and surround the main entrance of the property. There is another entrance which can be accessed from a barn, which takes guests and the owners of the home along an underground path, which offers an alternative way to gain entry to the accommodation.


Thanks to the home having a circular opening into the mountain, the architects and designers could include many windows. These have two benefits; the first is that they allow for plenty of natural light to flood the interior of the underground home, which could otherwise be dark and dingy, and the second is that they offer mountain views that take your breath away. Even though the underground Swiss mountain home is of a very unusual style, you do expect Julie Andrews to come running through the mountains singing “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music".

The design of the underground Swiss house was so unique that the designers and builders managed to get around what happens to be very strict building requirements in that region. It may not be the typical Swiss style chalet, and it may look different from all the other buildings in the area, but there is no getting away from the fact that it is stunning and offers some of the best views.

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