Unicode Consortium Releases 65 New Emojis We're Getting In 2020

These new emojis will make you go "bellissima!" with pinched Italian fingers.
Derya Ozdemir

The Unicode Consortium, which decides on text-based standards for the internet, has unveiled a total of 117 new emojis (with color options) which will be coming to our smartphones in 2020. There are 65 new emojis included in the update, and they range from ninjas to pinched "Italian" fingers.

In addition, there are also new "trending" food items such as bubble tea, extinct animals such as mammoths, and some other cute animals too.


2020 seems to be the year of inclusivity on our devices. These steady pushes towards a more diverse platform can be seen through emojis like the transgender flag and gender-inclusive options for existing emojis.

Google and Microsoft had backed the proposal to add the trans flag and symbol last year by saying, "We believe that adding an emoji illustrative to our life experiences isn't just about creating technology that should be accessible to everyone -- it's about fostering a culture that is inclusive of users around the world."

Now that they've been approved by the Unicode Consortium, they will probably come to our smartphones and PCs pretty soon.

Here is the entire list of approved emojis:

And here are some of our honorable mentions. This smiling face with one tear emoji: 

This "Who am I?" emoji:

And finally, this one particular emoji which looks like a 2000s figure that no one can forget:

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MSN Messenger logo, we miss you too. 

The exact date is still unclear. Apple and Google have to design their own versions of each emoji before you can actually use them which will probably take some time. 

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