Unique Water Tables Captivate the Magnificence of Semi-Submerged Animals

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gg[Image Source: Edited/Derek Pearce]

Designer and artist Derek Pearce is exploring unchartered waters with his enchanting Water Tables.

The unique tables captivate the magnificence of semi-submerged animals living peacefully in the water. His work is intended to make people think uniquely and challenge every day societal customs in an attempt to encourage free thought and express individuality.

After reaching out to Pearce, he enlightened us on his motivation behind his work.

"Einstein said:   'Imagination is more important than Knowledge'  and what is important to me is creative thinking and having the 'where-with-all' to put ideas into practice. As far as schooling goes, we no longer need to fill children's heads with information,  they can now just click on.  What children really need to know is ; how to think (!) and how to think creatively. Not only is school failing here, but also in the value of practical experience of making and the feel for materials and techniques."

Pearce is qualified to teach, however, instead he uses his artistic skills instead to convey his messages.

To make the tables, Pearce starts with a massive piece of solid Limewood. The shapes are then roughly carved out, and left to dry over a several month period. The rough cut is then precisely refined, carved with great detail which is then finished with polyurethane polish and set on castors. The table top is made out of 10mm thick toughened glass.

The tables range in price and are built-to-order.  However, his work also reaches beyond the artistic realm. In an attempt to become more environmentally friendly, Pearce decided to construct a two-bedroom self-sustainable house.

I [recently] built our own 2 bed, Self Build Eco House which was an experiment,  building with Sips Panels, Screw Piles, Icenene Spray Insulation, Air Source Heating and Heat Recovery Ventilation. We have Rainwater Harvesting which is used to flush the loo. I used Alloy Scaffold Beams instead of steels and the whole project was built without drawings, (apart from the elevations necessary for planning permission.)  I work mostly without drawings - I prefer to make decisions as I go with the materials in my hands rather than on a piece of paper or screen - that way we made no mistakes - Most calculations were done post-build and it all satisfied building control.

Below you can see more of his creations from the series 'Water Tables'

dolphin[Image Source: Derek Pearce]

frog[Image Source: Derek Pearce]

hippo[Image Source: Derek Pearce]

seal[Image Source: Derek Pearce]

You can see more of his work on his websites including his Water Tables and other works.

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