Unity, Elektrobit Team Up to Build Autonomous Car UI Platform

Unity, a leading videogame development platform, will help to 'redefine the in-car experience.'
Chris Young

Videogames and reality are merging as Unity, the company behind one of the world's leading videogame development platforms, teams up with Elektrobit, a global supplier of connected software products for the automotive industry.

The goal of the collaboration is to streamline the process of designing and developing automotive human-machine interfaces (HMIs) with state-of-the-art real-time rendering capabilities.


Enhancing 'customer delight'

With the predicted revolution of autonomous vehicles seemingly just around the corner, user interface experience may well become the main differentiating factor over drivability for future vehicle owners. 

As a press release on PRNewswire explains, "the growing prevalence of high-performance computing platforms in cars and the increasing sizes and numbers of displays in vehicles are driving demand for more real-time and photorealistic 3D experiences, both for improved usability and enhanced customer delight."

By combining their expertise, Elektrobit, and Unity aim to make it easier for near-future carmakers to develop next-gen real-time HMIs for vehicles that will drive the future of the automotive industry.

'Redefining the in-car experience'

"We are collaborating with Elektrobit because they are the only expert in the automotive industry with a solution that is able to go from UI design concept to series production," said Julien Faure, General Manager & Vice President, Industrial and Media & Entertainment, at Unity.

"Real-time 3D is redefining the in-car experience for vehicles of the future. As we accelerate into the era of highly automated vehicles, the HMI experience is moving to the forefront," he continued.

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Ultimately, the collaboration is aimed at allowing customers to interact with their vehicles in new exciting ways. As Bruno Grasset, Head of Product Management and User Experience at Elektrobit, explains, the team-up should "enable smartphone-like, automotive-grade user interfaces in vehicles."

Showcasing the future of HMIs

While we've yet to see what such an interface might look like, it's exciting to think how an autonomous car of the future might optimize the user experience through a state-of-the-art graphics rendering platform.

For those that are interested, the two companies will hold a webinar tomorrow, October 6, at this link to discuss the benefits of their collaboration. 

Elektrobit and Unity have also announced that they will showcase a complete automotive cockpit user interface developed using their technologies at the Car HMI USA summit, which will take place on Nov. 16-17, in Detroit, MI.

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