Use a 9 volt battery to charge your device thanks to Plan V

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With smartphones today doing just about everything a computer does, they use up a great deal of battery power. If you always have to charge your phone as you have used up all the battery then you may be interested in a Plan V from Flintu.

plan_v_keyring_charger[Image Source: Flintu]

Plan V is on Kickstarter at the moment and is a key ring based device that is very small which allows you to charge up your phone using any ordinary 9 volt battery. The device doesn’t contain any charge of its own and is basically a very small adapter than lets you use an ordinary battery.

plan_v_keyring_charger-0[Image Source: Flintu]

If your handset is getting unexpectedly low on battery and you don’t have your charger to hand but you have a 9 volt battery, you can use Plan V to give you around four hours talk time. While you may not fancy carrying around a battery with you, 9 volt batteries are available just about anywhere. So, as long as you have the device you can nip into a store and pick one up cheaply in emergencies. The device is 7 grams in weight and its size is about the same as a key. You can attach it to your key ring with your keys, so you always have it with you.

[Image Source: Flintu]

The Plan V is able to charge handsets with a micro USB charging point such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, in the future Flintu will be going for Apple AFI certification and stretching their goals on Kickstarter.

plan_v_keyring_charger-2[Image Source: Flintu]

If you are interested in the type of emergency charging that the Plan V offers you can pre-order a unit with a AU$15 pledge.

Via [Flintu]


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