V8 Volvo With Two-Stroke DIY Boat Engine Sounds Sick

The engineers installed a marine V8 engine into a Volvo Amazon, creating a DIY Frankenstein hot rod.
Brad Bergan

A couple of Swedes drank themselves to genius when they decided to build a 400 hp, two-stroke V8 Volvo Amazon — giving life to a Frankenstein hot rod that makes a fierce, sick sound, according to the duo's Facebook page.

It's sure to drive their neighbors into a maddening frenzy.


V8 Volvo Amazon 1
This DIY V8 Volvo makes a noise few would care to hear. Source: muggeg / YouTube

V8 Volvo Amazon sounds sick, drives neighbors mad

Two Swedes named Henrik Sönderlund and Morgan Gerdin built the DIY V8 Volvo after they decided to integrate the 1980's style of 0.95-gallon (3.6-liter) Evinrude 300XP two-stroke marine V8 into the body of what probably used to be a Volvo 120 — also called an Amazon.

V8 Volvo Amazon Engine
The DIY V8 Volvo Amazon unassembled. Source: Rudezon / Facebook

"It came to us when we were drunk," said Sönderlund, reports CarExpert. "I had the motor in my boat. It was in the garage for some service and tuning. I happened to park the boat with the engine hanging next to the Amazon, and a few beers later the picture cleared."

The initial engine was 340 hp on the crank, and lacking pipes, said Sönderlund. "With the pipes, extensive porting and EFI, it should make more [horsepower]!" he added, referring to the expansion chambers hanging from the top of the V8.

"The power band is still unknown; we have only revved it to 5,200 rpm so far, the pipes are tuned to 6,500 and the rev limit is set to 8,500, so there is a lot more power to come when we get the tuning done!" he added.

Building the DIY V8 Volvo from decay

The DIY V8 Volvo is highly-customized, using a Powerglide and a Volvo/Dana four-link rear-end, along with a couple of enormous 33-by-10.5-inch (83.8-by-26.6-cm) drag slicks — leaving only 66.1 lbs (30 kg) of the original Swedish structure.

Notably, it drives. And fast.

The DIY post-apocalyptic car weighs a mere 1,505.76 lbs (683 kg), which makes 400 hp more than enough to send the Swedish-made frame down the strip in seconds, full stop.

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The engine itself — a marine V8 — is typically vertically mounted on the back of a boat. But in the Volvo, it sits longitudinally, connected to the Powerglide transmission instead of a water-borne propellor.

This is a sick engine that wants to be loud.

V8 Volvo Engine Revs
The marine V8 engine is mounted longitudinally, connected to the Powerglide transmission. Source: muggeg / YouTube

Engineering continues on sick DIY Frankenstein car

The team has yet to make additional updates in the years since building the DIY V8 Volvo Amazon.

V8 Volvo Amazon on Strip
This car has an almost baroque, bare-bones vibe. Source: Rudezon / Facebook

However, the team (reportedly called Rudezon) has an active YouTube channel, and also a Facebook account for all to peruse.

V8 Volvo Amazon Hot Rod Reunion
The mad DIY mechanics at an event called "Hot Rod Reunion." Source: Rudezon / Facebook

While there's no need to mass-produce fleets of baroque, post-apocalyptic DIY cars, this V8 Volvo two-stroke speaks to the kind of innovative mechanical engineering that happens when two friends apply the dark side of engineering to two vehicles — a boat, and a defunct Volvo — giving life to the Frankenstein of sick DIY cars.

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