Vertical City concept for sustainability in the Sahara

Interesting Engineering

The concept was named the Sand Tower and its proposed height is 1, 476 feet, which is half the height of the Burj Khalifia, but with a total amount of floor space that is larger, at 78 hectares.


[Image Source: OXO Architects]

OXO Architectes has designed the building with a central tower on the inside that is covered with vegetation and this provides the vertical garden with shelter from the harsh conditions. Around 22% of the tower would be offered as office space; around 17.5% would be used for a hotel, while 15% is used for floor space. The remainder of the space in the tower comprises of a shopping centre, spa, restaurant, museum, sporting area and conference rooms, while there is a heliport on the roof.



[Image Source: OXO Architects]

The concept features some ambitious technology including the collection of 45,000 cubic metres of rainwater collected in a region better known for aridity and this can be used for different purposes. It would be injected around 4km underground and the heat of the earth would turn it into steam. This steam would be channelled to the surface and it could power a generator for electricity along with heating water for the heating systems in the tower.


[Image Source: OXO Architects]

Power would also come from solar panels and the temperature of the interior would be managed thanks to natural ventilation. The brief for the concept stated that work could start on the project in 2025 and the whole buildings construction would be phased over 50 years.

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