Videos of New Xbox Series X Consoles Spouting Smoke Go Viral

If you come across videos of Microsoft's Xbox Series X catching fire, don't believe it.
Fabienne Lang
Xbox Series XMicrosoft

Owning a brand new console is always an exciting time. But with that comes the typical early-adopters launch issues, something to be expected. 

What wasn't expected, though, was for Microsoft's latest next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, to end up in smoke. Just a few short days after its release, videos of the Xbox Series X with smoke billowing out of it have been widely circulating on the Internet. 

Much panic and worry have ensued, but there's no need for that. It turns out that these are just internet trolls vaping into their consoles. Too much time spent in self-isolation, perhaps?


A much less exciting reality

The smoky videos of Xbox Series X's seemingly about to blow up are just a trick that many have been playing from their homes. 

What's actually been happening is that people have been blowing vape smoke into their consoles, which makes them look like they're about to catch fire. 

The trick was uncovered by savvy Xbox and vape aficionado, Xbox Studio, who explained the vape trick via his Twitter account (in Spanish). 

The videos have circulated so widely on social media that they managed to catch Microsoft's attention, so much so that they even dignified the issue with a response: 

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