'Villa' RV's Roof Extends to Reveal Second-Floor Sunroom

The luxury RV features a panoramic extendable sunroom that folds into the vehicle when driving.
Chris Young

The ongoing pandemic has increased investment into the robotics, remote work, and medical industries in a way that couldn't have been predicted prior to 2019.

While off-grid living companies haven't quite experienced the same surge, several companies have looked to provide luxury RVs for those wealthy enough to essentially buy a house on wheels and social distance in style.

One such company, SAIC Motor, developed the Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition RV — a vehicle that feels like a hybrid between a home, a vehicle, and a character from the TV series Transformers — a report by Gizmodo explains.

The V90 Villa Edition transforms from a single-story RV into a two-story moving home with a panoramic sunroom when stationary, thanks to its extendable roof.

The design allows owners to have an efficient drive whilst not sacrificing living space — bulkier RV models with more amenities are generally less easy to drive.

The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition is designed and built in China. The vehicle utilizes slide-out walls to increase the floor space to around 215 square feet (65 square meters) when the RV is parked.

Luxury sunroom, no solar panels 

For the most part, the V90 Villa Edition contains standard high-end RV amenities such as an L-shaped couch, a relatively large kitchen, a transparent OLED TV, and touchscreen interfaces on the walls.

Where the V90 really impresses, however, is with its sunroom. The space extends mechanically from the RV's roof giving it an entire second floor of living space that includes a walk-out balcony for taking in the views.

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Impressively, the sunroom features panoramic wrap-around windows that have the option to be electronically tinted, for added privacy, using LCD technology.

V90 Villa 1 Resize MD
The V90 Villa Edition's extendable walls allow for more living space when parked, Source: SAIC Motor/YouTube

The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition also comes with a feature we have never seen in an RV before: a working elevator.

The admittedly cramped elevator feature means that inhabitants can reach the RV's sunroom without having to go outside and climb a ladder on the side of the vehicle. 

One surprising omission in the V90 Villa Edition's design is a lack of solar panels — another luxury RV company, Living Vehicle, recently released a model with the capacity to charge a Tesla Cybertruck.

The inclusion of solar panels would have allowed owners to get a little back on SAIC Motor's incredibly steep asking price of $413,000, before shipping.  

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