Vlogger Dies on a Live-Stream After Consuming Centipedes and Geckos Alive

The aim of the live-stream was reportedly to gain more followers.
Donovan Alexander

The streaming business in China is booming right now. According to estimates by Deloitte, the country's live-stream industry is up 32% making approximately $4.4 billion in 2018. The streaming economy is rather simple as an individual. The larger your streaming audience the larger your potential social media imprint. This, in turn, opens the gates to you making more money. So what would you be willing to do to get those extra streams? 

Risking Your Life for a Little Fame

A Chinese vlogger made it very clear that he would be willing to do a few "risky things" for his followers. Unfortunately, this 35-year-old vlogger died during a live-streaming session of him eating poisonous centipedes and geckos.   

Followed by 15,000 people on DonYu, China's largest live-streaming platform, the vlogger would host a live stream of him eating various unsightly creatures, stuff you would not find at a restaurant. As a way to better attract more followers, the Chinese vlogger would spin a wheel marked with items to consume that would include stuff like centipedes, geckos, mealworms, vinegar, eggs, beer, and baijiu -which is a clear distilled liquor. 

A Deadly Mixture

Whatever the pointer would land on, the vlogger would go ahead and eat. His last stream comprised of him eating venomous centipedes. Police found him two days later unconscious and showing no vital signs, with his computer still live-streaming.  His videos have been removed from the streaming site. 

Nothing is known about the types of centipedes that were consumed or if it was the live geckos that killed him. Nevertheless, some species of centipedes have been known to be venomous causing severe injuries or even death from bites. 

Most Popular

This is part of a growing trend across the world on social media and streaming services. Vloggers and influencers attempt risky things as a means to gain more attention and followers on social media. Internet star Wu Yongning was a "rooftoper" know for his adrenaline-filled videos of him climbing major buildings without any equipment.

In 2017, the vlogger would fall 62-stories to his death after a bad climb. It seems more and more people are willing to put themselves into harm's way just to get a few likes on social media. 

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