Vulture Grabs a Ride on Paraglider’s Selfie Stick Mid-Flight

The vulture even nibbled on the contraption out of curiosity!
Fabienne Lang
Vulture on the selfie stickbsurfn2day/Reddit

Incredible footage of a huge vulture landing on a pair of paragliders' selfie stick mid-flight is racking up viewing numbers, and it's easy to see why. 

It's not every day you get near a vulture, let alone have one deciding to clasp onto your selfie stick. The paragliders were just enjoying a relaxed flight when the vulture decided to join them, twice. 

You see the pair of gliders smiling from ear to ear, remaining totally relaxed as the huge bird lands on the stick.

The video was posted on Reddit and has already amassed a high number of views.


A fun yet scary flight

The incredible video's soundtrack is a familiar song that's been making the rounds in recent months, and it's none other than Fleetwood Mac's song Dreams. 

You may have heard it make a resurgence lately as part of a TikTok Challenge aptly named "Dreams." Per UniLad, it all began with TikTok user @420doggface208, who filmed himself effortlessly skateboarding down a road, sipping on Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and mouthing the lyrics of the famous song. 

That trend picked up, with people around the world dressing up, or just being themselves, as they skateboard, or carry out usually quite arduous tasks in an effortless way, with the song playing in the background and drinking Ocean Spray. Even Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac and the CEO of Ocean Spray joined the trend!

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There was no cranberry juice being drunk by the two paragliders, but the song was placed above the footage and fits perfectly, given how effortlessly the vulture seems to hitch a ride. 

After a few seconds on his perch, the vulture decides to carry on his flight unaided and the paragliders keep filming him and themselves, calmly gliding side by side high above the mountains and grasslands below. It's quite the sight that will bring a smile to your face.

Animals have a fun way of joining the human world sometimes, just take a look at these hilarious ones, as well as the actual footage of the vulture below:

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