Walmart and Zipline to Start First Drone Delivery Service in the US

It seems that Walmart is willing to add to its selected grocery and household essentials delivery pilot program.
Deniz Yildiran

As technology moves forward, it is no surprise that innovations come up with new requirements. One of the modern-times musts is to simply meet the needs in the fastest way. Thankfully, there are companies offering this solution to the ever-growing world.

Walmart, which has already stepped into the drone operations recently, is now on its way to collaborate with Zipline to launch the first drone delivery operation in the U.S. Which means your order will be raining down on you.


Only in one hour

It will not deliver everything the customers desire but some of the selected health and wellness products, for now. The on-demand deliveries will have a chance to cover a wider spectrum of the offerings in the future, as it was declared in the statement

Trial deliveries will be operated near Walmart’s headquarters in Northwest Arkansas through Zipline's proprietary technology.

For now, the area coverage will be as wide as the size of the Connecticut state, which equals an area of a 50-mile (80 km) radius. And the partner company Zipline will operate from a Walmart store, using it as a base. The timing will serve the demand for fast deliveries in under an hour. 

What is more, the carbon emissions will be eliminated and serve the purpose of sustainability. The operation seems to be ahead of this year, starting early next year. 

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In case high demand takes place throughout the operation, the company will most likely expand its new project even further. 

Zipline had already caught our attention earlier this year with its fast-delivery to Ghana and Rwanda in need of vital supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The drones were managing their tasks in 15 minutes back then. So it will be quite exciting to see how fast the goods will be delivered in this brand new collaboration.

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