Want to Get Inside Bill Gates' Head? Netflix Has You Covered

The three-part documentary will cover Bill Gates' life from his early days to now.
Chris Young

On September 20th, Netflix will release a documentary series covering the life of William Henry Gates III, who most of us know as Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

The documentary, titled Inside Bill's Brain, is helmed by Davis Guggenheim (also director of “An Inconvenient Truth” and “He Named Me Malala”). It aims to figure out what's going on inside the head of the computer genius.


The man, the myth, the legend

Bill Gates, who until relatively recently was the world's richest man, has literally had one of history's most lucrative careers.

Not everyone knows that he got into computer programming from the age of 13 and that he used his skills in the early days of computers to manipulate class registers to get all the girls in his class.

Perhaps details like these will make the cut, as well as much more on how he went on to form the powerhouse computing technology company, Microsoft, and his humanitarian ventures.

Netflix has just released the three-part documentary's first trailer.

In the YouTube upload of the trailer, Bill Gates' official account said, "I want to thank Netflix and Davis Guggenheim for the great work they did on this documentary. I hope everyone likes what they’ve put together."

The documentary will likely take on Bill Gates' decades as the head of Microsoft, his humanitarian work, and perhaps Microsoft controversies, like the antitrust charges it faced in 1998.

What is Bill Gates' biggest fear?

In the documentary trailer, Bill Gates is asked several questions.

One of these is, "What is your worst fear?" Gates replies, "I don't want my brain to stop working."

Interestingly, just two years ago at a Bloomberg Business Forum, Gates was also asked what his biggest regret was.

The answer? "Ctrl+Alt+Delete."

The upcoming documentary is likely to be a fascinating watch into the life of a man who lives and breathes computers. 

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