Watch a Kawasaki Superbike Beat an F-16 Jet in a Race

Three supercars, one superbike, one F1 car, a private jet, and a fighter jet raced against each other to prove who really is the king of speed.
Kashyap Vyas

When machines race each other on a straight stretch of asphalt, no other word can define the experience better than exhilarating. But you won't find a single word to define what happened at Istanbul Teknofest, because it was a true war between engineering marvels that left viewers speechless.

It was the day where three supercars, a superbike, an F1 car, a private jet, and a fighter jet faced off against each other, in order to determine the true king of speed.

The Best in Motorsport

The race was organized as a part of Teknofest 2018, an aviation, space, and technology event held at the new Istanbul International Airport. The vehicles competing included a Kawasaki H2R motorcycle, a Tesla P100DL, an Aston Martin New Vantage, a Red Bull Racing Formula 1, and a Lotus Evora GT 430.

In addition to these road vehicles, the lineup included an F-16 fighter jet capable of traveling 1,500 mph (2,414 km/h) and a Challenger 605 private jet. Neither left the ground for the competition.

The vehicles in each category lined up perfectly, eagerly waiting for lights to turn green. The drivers revved the engines to let each other know that no one is going to take this fight lightly. As the green light came into view, the vehicles took off.

For a brief moment, the Formula 1 racer gained the lead due to the car's lightweight body and gripping tires. But that soon changed when the Kawasaki H2R opened up the taps.

The front tire raised slightly off the ground, marking the monstrosity of its four-cylinder supercharged engine. The superbike dominated the rest of the race, with the Formula 1 car closely on its tail. 

The F-16 shrugged off its slow start and secured the third position. The Tesla came in fourth.

The Kawasaki H2R was driven by Kenan Sofuoglu, former professional motorcycle racer, and Turkish parliamentarian. He won the 1312 ft (400 m) race in 9.43 seconds.

Rally driver Yagiz Avci drove the Aston Martin New Vantage, and the Lotus Evora GT 430 was driven by Superstock racer Toprak Razgatlioglu. The Tesla was driven by Emma Kimiläinen, a participant in multiple Swedish Touring Car Championships, who started her racing career at the age of 3 as a GoKarts competitor.

Faster Than a Fighter Jet? 

Don't be fooled by the fighter jet coming third — if the track was longer it could easily outpace the motorcycle, even if it didn't leave the ground. 

Since the power-to-weight ratio of the Kawasaki is very high, the superbike dominates over short stretches. 

May we suggest a rematch?

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