Watch Lucid Air and Tesla Model S Plaid Clash in a Silent Drag Race

The long-awaited showdown is here.
Irmak Bayrakdar
Lucid Air Dream Edition and Tesla Model S Plaid.DragTimes

Which electric luxury sedan would win in a drag race; the much-anticipated Lucid Air or Tesla's Model S Plaid? Two supercars, no gasoline, and lots of thrill. 

YouTube channel DragTimes shared the video of a long-awaited drag race faceoff between the Lucid Air and Model S Plaid, and it offers a lot of insights. Though, the quarter-mile strip is quite unorthodox for such an event. The supersedans raced at the Hennessey's facility in Texas without any timing equipment and on an uneven floor. 

 A head-to-head drag race

The four races revealed that Tesla Model S Plaid holds many advantages over the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Tesla's Model S Plaid with a claimed 1,020 hp beat dual-motor Lucid Air with a 1,111 hp three out of the four runs. The only time Lucid Air won was when the Model S Plaid started off without using the Launch Mode. 

In case you missed it, Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Tesla Model S Plaid are two of the most powerful all-electric models on the market and the video shows them going neck to neck in four runs. However, the Lucid Air at 5,236 lbs (2,375 kg) is heavier than the Tesla Model S Plaid at 4,833 lbs (2,192 kg). According to the video stats, the difference is around 403 lbs (183 kg) or 8%. In addition to that, Lucid Air is reportedly designed for highway driving, rather than a 0-60 mph car. 

Both supersedans started off with 92 percent charges. In the first run, Tesla Model S Plaid won by finishing the quarter-mile in 9.83 seconds at 150.59 mph. However, in the second run, Model S Plaid did not use its Launch Mode and Lucid Air got ahead, finishing the lap in 10.21 seconds at 125.64 mph. The third run's outcome was not much different than the first; Model S Plaid finished up in 9.67 seconds at 146.02 mph. The team also included a roll race, which is two cars starting the race when driving at 40 mph on the road. Whoever leaves the other in the dust, wins. In this case, it was, again, Tesla. 

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You can check out the whole race and get more information in the video below. 

As a result, we could say that Tesla has earned its right to bloat. And even though Lucid Air was beaten, the company had previously stated that the Air can be adjusted for better straight-line performance and that the car is currently focused more on luxury and efficiency than speed. 

In addition to speed, strength, luxury, and efficiency, both cars have their respective advantages. But which EV monster would be your pick? 


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