Watch Nintoaster Become Alive: Old Toaster Turns Into a Nintendo Gaming Console

How crafty can you get?
Ameya Paleja
The Nintoaster in all its gloryRyan/YouTube

Most of the old-school gamers still prefer an 8-bit videogame offered on their TV screens over the multi-GB gaming consoles with 4K screens. Even today, many gamers go back to their Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES) for the simple pleasures of life, and a gamer has added a new twist to video games by placing them inside a toaster

We have witnessed different kinds of designs in the past when toasters have been shaped into Nintendo gaming boxes or even NES placed inside toaster-shaped boxes. This one though, made by YouTuber Ryan is an honest piece of work, put together in a workshop at home.


Ryan shows us how he has reengineered the insides of a probably broken toaster and lights it up with some funky colored diodes. The temperature knob on the toaster is still useful and now controls how bright these LEDs will glow.

Ryan calls his effort a Nintoaster and has showcased a fully functional demo, which we will get to in just a bit. However, if you would like to replicate this effort, you will need to find the exact model of the toaster because it does look like it is the only one with sufficient real estate to pop in all parts of the NES. 

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Just like the conventional system, the 72-pin connector stays right on top for easy access. It would definitely have been awesome had the connector emerged from within the toaster as you push the lever down. Instead, Ryan has connected it to the power button which brings the system to life; not a bad idea at all!

If watching this video encourages you to go pull out your NES from storage, then we have served our purpose. If it takes you to the kitchen, then maybe you should stop claiming that you are an old-school gamer. 

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