Watch Professional Drivers Play Pac-Man on Caterpillar Machinery

Caterpillar brought the iconic Pac-Man and its ghosts back on a life-sized board!
Utku Kucukduner

Caterpillar Incorporated just moved into the video game market. Well, not really, at least don't expect to find them on Steam or app stores.

In a recent set of videos and photos released by the ground moving machinery manufacturer Caterpillar, we are met with a cross-over with revered cult classic PAC-MAN™: the Cat Trial #9 celebrates the 95th anniversary of Caterpillar and PAC-MAN™'s 40th anniversary.


Cat puts PAC-MAN™ and the ghosts back on the board

Trial series of Caterpillar were first devised in 2014 with a game of Jenga played with Cat machinery to demonstrate the capability of the company's machinery. Other challenges included building a 41-feet (12.5-meters) sandcastle, which won a Guinness World Record, and a tug-of-war with the world's strongest man.

This augmented reality trial by Caterpillar brought the pixelated arcade classic into live-action. The classic game of chase was reimagined in this trial to reflect the technological advancement and the dexterity and versatility of heavy-duty machinery.

Watch Professional Drivers Play Pac-Man on Caterpillar Machinery
Source: Cat® Products

"PAC-MAN™ is just like a construction site"

Victoria Keese Morrissey, global marketing and brand director for Caterpillar told in a press release, "These trials are designed to surprise and delight our customers and prospects, as well as people outside our industry

"Challenges the ghosts pose to PAC-MAN™ strike a unique metaphor for obstacles lurking around each corner of the jobsite. POWER PELLETS represent the role Cat dealer services play in helping our customers overcome these challenges."

In the video, you can watch five players guide Caterpillar machinery around an exact real-life replica of the PAC-MAN™ board, and while the whole thing looks kind of funny, it is for certain that it needs skills and talent.  

The iconic PAC-MAN™ map was constructed using Cat equipment. The release stated that the scale of the dirt-maze is about 19% bigger than the original map you'd find in arcade saloons. You can find the behind the scenes video of the building process below:

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