Watch Things Get Cut In Half with a High-Powered Waterjet

Trevor English

Everyone loves watching things get destroyed, but have you ever seen something get cut perfectly in half with a high-powered waterjet? This cutting technology is perfect for making very small cuts that demonstrate the inside of different objects. One Youtube channel, aptly named, Cut in Half, is devoted to cutting things with waterjets from old shoes to hair dryers. There are a bunch of videos of things getting cut below, and seeing what's inside all of these everyday products can be pretty cool!

Seeing videos like these just make you want to go out and spend all of your money on a waterjet and start cutting everything you can find in half. Everything inside a laptop is cool, but also watching how easily the water cuts through the laptop is just as mesmerizing. Below, you can check out what a hair dryer looks like cut right down the middle.

The hair dryer presented a little more problems in the cutting process, as the stream of water has to be pretty close to the object in order for it to work right. Nonetheless, the result was equally as intriguing!

Most people probably know that binoculars are a set of lenses, and have a general idea of how the magnifying glasses inside work. When you see a cross-section of one of the eyepieces, it is still pretty awesome to see something that was put together look like it was cut perfectly with some kind of alien laser.

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A shoe, yes you can even cut a shoe in half with a waterjet. While it may not be as exciting as a laptop or hair dryer, it is still neat to see all of the different layers that go into making even the simplest pair of shoes.

Engineers love watching things being cut in half and taking stuff apart. Boy, do I wish I had a waterjet to play with growing up, although maybe it's best that I didn't.

waterjet cuts hairdryer in half[Image Source: Youtube]

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