Watch Time Lapse of 4-Day Tesla Solar Roof Installation

The roof was installed by a third-party roofing firm, who could teach Tesla a thing or two.
Chris Young

In recent months, reports have emerged of Tesla solar roof installations taking a terribly long time — more than two months in one case — adding to frustrations over previous delays on the company's rollout of its solar panel product.

Now, a more positive story has emerged after a timelapse video was shared of one of the solar roofs being installed in just four days near Topeka, Kansas.

The big catch is that Tesla did not carry out the installation themselves and it was taken on by a third-party, Weddle and Sons Roofing.


Tesla roofing firm partnerships paying off

Tesla recently announced that it is partnering with other roofing companies to install its solar roof tiles and we can now see a successful example of this partnership with roofing firm Weddle and Sons Roofing.

In the video description of the timelapse video, the company wrote that, "Weddle and Sons Roofing just completed a 40 square (4000 square foot) 15kW Tesla Solar Roof installation near Topeka, Kansas. This time lapse covers 4 days of installing the PV tiles, glass tiles, and flashings. Tear-off of the existing roof and dry-in with double-layer Firestone underlayment took place the Friday before this time lapse starts."

It's worth noting that those four days don't include the roof removal and underlay installation, though that's still a pretty impressive timeframe for the main part of the installation time.

Streamlining a patchy process

It really seems that Tesla's solar roofing is in its testing phase despite having been released to paying customers.

As Elektrek reports, several Tesla solar roofing customers have reached out to them, after they reported on a nightmare 2-month installation, saying they had experienced a lack of communication from the Tesla solar team and that the installation

It does look like third-party companies like Weddle and Sons, who have more experience with roof installations, may well help Tesla to streamline its solar roofing process and make it a more attractive proposition for homeowners than it has been of late. Watch the timelapse of the four-day installation below.

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