Watching Things Get Crushed by a Steamroller is Exactly What You Need

If you love pointless and unnecessary destruction, then take a look at a steamroller turning 17 LCD monitors into "flat" screens.
Interesting Engineering

If you love pointless and unnecessary destruction, then you are going to love the Road Roller YouTube channel. The man behind the channel owns a steamroller that he uses to crush a wide variety of devices. In his most recent video, he decided to roll over 17 LCD computer screens, and the result is some pretty flattened out monitors. Check out the video below.

If rolling over LCD screens isn't your thing, then maybe crushing a full 5-gallon jug filled with soda is? Check it out below.

Better yet, if that wasn't your cup of tea, then crushing a cute little rubber duck with a giant steamroller will probably satisfy your craving for destruction.

It's kind of sad to watch an innocent rubber duck get crushed like that, but it is all in the name of science! Surprisingly, the rubber duck maintained its shape to a near perfect level. Lastly, if none of these crushing videos satisfied you, then maybe a steamroller crushing dice will do the trick.

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