Ways to Quickly Find a Job for New Engineering Graduates

We have some tips for fresh engineering graduates to make the job hunting process easier.
Trevor English

The topic on the mind of every engineer about to graduate is where are they going to get a job. Some engineers are lucky enough to lock up a job months before getting their diploma, but many are left to scour the job market after they get out of school. Let's take a look at some ways engineers can stay at the top of their game and get a job after they graduate.

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

When you are looking for a job, in any discipline, let alone engineering, it is of dire importance to keep your resume ready to go at all times. Maybe even keep some copies in the car so you can always hand it out to someone who is interested.

Making your resume available to anyone at any time, as well as keeping it as accurate as possible will drastically increase your chances of being hired. Employers will see this and recognize that you are ready to work and prepared for what they will throw at you.

Ways to Quickly Find a Job for New Engineering Graduates
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Call Your Alumni

When you are looking for a job, you have to give up on the notion of not taking help from others. Odds are that your school or organization has a sizeable registry of Alumni already in the workforce.

See if you can get involved with these organizations and get in touch with any engineers looking for new hires in their company. You never know what opportunities are just around the corner until you ask.

Identify Companies of Interest

One of the best things you can do is try to find where you want to go and focus your efforts on these companies. Maybe you are a mechanical engineer who wants to work in the additive manufacturing industries.

Find companies that work in these fields and try to narrow down where you look for jobs. Once you find companies of interest, don't hesitate to give them a call, even if they don't have any jobs posted. Many companies won't even bother posting jobs, so you have to be willing to call and get your name out there.

Don't Get Discouraged

Employers can sense a bad attitude and when you get discouraged by your never-ending job search, your attitude only degrades. In order to find a good job, you have to stay upbeat and willing to step out wherever you are needed.

Just because you have been looking for a while and haven't found a job doesn't mean that you aren't valuable to a company out there. Stay positive, and soon someone will find your value.


Network with Colleagues, Family, and Friends

NETWORKING. Networking. Networking. Finding a great job usually comes through talking to friends or family. You can sift through pages of internet job posting all day, but it will likely be wasted time.

If a hiring manager gets a recommendation from someone they know, you are far more likely to get an interview, and possibly a job. Networking is important throughout your career. Keeping in touch with past co-workers can land you your dream job years down the line.

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