Wear Your Own Starry Night with This LED Skirt

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With this LED skirt, you can be the center of your own universe.

The Twinkling Stars skirt from Think Geek combines textiles with technology. It uses over 45 feet of 250 tiny LEDs within three layers of the a midi skirt.

twinkling-stars-led-skirt-thinkgeek-2[Image source: Think Geek]

The skirt's three layers include a see-thru zodiac layer, white gauze layer, and white liner. A small battery pack (3 1/4 in. tall x 2 1/4 in. wide x 3/4 in. thick) and three AA batteries power the LED lights. Not feeling particularly shiny one day? That's fine. The battery pack and the LED strands can easily be removed from the skirt.

This ombre skirt can easily be worn in the office, on a walk around town, on a date, business meeting, even a party. You can dress it up or down as you please. And for the added wow factor, flip on the LED lights and start shining. You can even put the lights on twinkle mode.

twinkling-stars-skirt-twinkling-stars-skirt[Image source: Think Geek]

This skirt is perfect for those who love staring up at the night sky and picking out their favorite constellations.


Again, the set up is simple. The white gauze layer comes with 30 elastic snaps to attach the light strands. Plug them into your battery pack, string the LEDs to fit your liking, and turn it on.

twinkling-stars-led-skirt-thinkgeek-6[Image source: Think Geek]

Worried about weighty wires? The entire technical set-up only weighs six ounces. With fresh batteries, the lights stay on for over three days.

The Twinkling Stars Skirt has nine size options from XS till XXL, in different waists and lengths. If you don't see your size in the dropdown, you can pre-order from their next batch as well. The skirt was available for $59.99. (However, as of this publication, this skirt is out of stock.)

Pre-order for its return and be prepared to show off your sparkle!

Via: Think Geek

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