This website let's you tour the bridge of Star Trek's Enterprise

If you love Star Trek, you will love a new website that lets you virtually tour every iteration of the bridge of the Enterprise.
Christopher McFadden
Federation starship USS Enterprise
Federation starship USS Enterprise


A new web portal has been launched that allows die-hard Star Trek fans (and casual watchers) to explore the bridge of the starship Enterprise from the freedom of their homes. Not only that, but visitors can also experience different bridge designs and layouts for each iteration of the iconic ship throughout time.

The website,, also allows you to explore other areas of the ship featured within any of the films or TV series throughout time. If that isn't enough, there are also options to explore other Star Trek ships like the Voyager. The website offers 360-degree 3D models of the many Star Trek ship iterations (albeit heavily focused on the Enterprise) and a timeline of the ship's development throughout the franchise's existence. The significance of each design iteration to the "Star Trek" narrative and the production history can all be read in-depth by fans of the program.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, the Roddenberry Estate, the Roddenberry Archive, and the technology firm OTOY we collaborated to create the portal in honor of the "Star Trek: Picard" series finale, which debuted late last month on Paramount+. The project also had the assistance of several well-known "Star Trek" artists, including Denise and Michael Okuda, Daren Dochterman, Doug Drexler, and Dave Blass.

“Through new technology, we can bring audiences back in time as if they were there on set during the making of ’Star Trek,’ providing a window into new dimensions of the ‘Star Trek’ universe,” says Jules Urbach, OTOY’s CEO, in a statement. In the future, it is anticipated that the site will feature the voice of the late actress Majel Roddenberry, who performed the role of Enterprise's computer for many years. Majel Roddenberry died in 2008, while Gene Roddenberry died in 1991.

The creators of the portal also released a brief video with actor John de Lancie as the narrator that explores every iteration of the Enterprise's bridge to date, " “from its inception in Pato Guzman’s 1964 sketches, through its portrayal across decades of TV shows and feature films, to its latest incarnation on the Enterprise-G, as revealed in the final episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard,’” explains the video.

The degree of detail in the interactive 3D bridge models is surprisingly high, even in consoles and turbo lifts. According to Sean Hollister of the Verge, the site has been hit or miss for users, indicating that the development team may still be ironing out some technological problems. Also, according to Kyle Barr of Gizmodo, one major drawback of the models is the absence of any "Star Trek" characters, who he claims are "the beating heart of the show and its ideals."

“Sitting in the captain’s chair, with all the stations empty beside you,” he writes, “is enough to make one wistful.”

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