This Week in Science and Engineering: Oct. 24-30

Shelby Rogers

Welcome to This Week in Science & Engineering, your weekly recap of everything major that happened in the wonderful world of science!

This week:

Computer Debuts Galore

Microsoft announced its first major foray into desktops with a super sleek and stylish Studio desktop. Apple reinvigorated its MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar that replaces traditional function keys with a responsive OLED design.

Patient Zero Cleared of Bringing HIV Virus to the United States

A genetic study cleared the man known as Patient Zero, a man who researchers initially pinpointed as the start of the HIV virus coming to the United States. The study confirmed that the virus came to the US decades before Patient Zero arrived.

Russians Craft Massive Nuclear Weapon

Russian officials announced a massive new nuclear weapon, and its power is absolutely terrifying. The RS-28 Sarmat missile can travel 4.3 miles per second and can deliver 40 megatons of power. NATO called the missile Satan 2. It will have 2,000 times more power than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

A Self-Driving Truck Made Its First Delivery

The autonomous Otto semi-truck successfully delivered 50,000 cans of Budweiser beer. The 120 mile trek was the first of its kind for the San Francisco startup company. Uber bought Otto over the summer for $670 million and wants to use the technology to make roads safer for truck drivers.

World Leaders Declared Antarctica the Largest Marine Protected Area

Delegates from the European Union as well as 24 other international leaders agreed that the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the largest protected marine area. The area won't see commercial fishing for 35 years, according to the agreement. The decision, made in Hobart, Australia, was unanimous.

Most Popular

Twitter Severs the Vine, Killing Off Once-Successful App

Vine, the popular video sharing app that let users watch six-second snippets, announced they're killing the app. The app, which launched in 2013, quickly became so popular that it cultivated a sense celebrity that nearly paralleled YouTube’s popularity.


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