What Would Happen If Google Suddenly Stopped Working?

If Google suddenly disappears, what will you do?
Kashyap Vyas

It is usually easy for people to become snarky or irritated if the internet connection is slow. Well, the next time the internet speed annoys you, or you face any other kind of internet connection problems, imagine a world where Google does not work at all!

What will happen if Google suddenly got disconnected or collapsed and there was no way to revive it? Would the world still be the same? Would you still be the same?


Will you be able to survive let alone go on from one day to the next? Just how important is the internet in our lives today?  

Is it possible to live without the internet?

Life without Internet
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Surfing, chatting with friends, sharing photos and videos, going shopping, organizing trips and much more, today, there are very few things that cannot be done online. Maybe that's why people consider the internet as a vital resource today which is as essential as water, air, food or housing.


Without a doubt, the use of the internet is becoming more widespread with every passing day. Currently, we can access the network from any device, fixed or mobile, and that has many advantages such as maintaining permanent contact with friends and family.

While previous generations prioritize face-to-face relationships, the younger generation has taken a turn towards online relationships.

One of the causes of the rise of the internet in recent years is the emergence of smartphones that allow access to the internet with the same features as those of a computer. It is believed that smartphones will eventually overtake computers as the most widely used technological tool on a global scale.

Another device that continues losing followers is the television which is seeing a decline in its use as a source of information.

There is no doubt that technology helps us. That said, it can also saturate us.

So, what will happen if Google collapses?

If Google shuts down permanently or indefinitely, the very obvious thing that would happen is that you will not be able to look for any information – big or small. In addition to this, several companies and organizations rely on the trusted services of Google apps to carry out their work operations.

These businesses would incur substantial losses. Moreover, such an occurrence will not serve Google well either, because it will cause a significant dent in its bank account. That said, one good thing (or bad according to how you look at it) is that piracy will come down substantially since Google is the preferred search engine around the world.

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The collapse of Google will also give a massive surge in the use of other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. In short, Google collapsing would be a bad day not just for the users but for the giant conglomerate itself.  

Could the internet collapse?

Which brings us to the next question, is it possible for the internet to get disconnected completely and for it to collapse permanently? Regardless of the internet connection problems that you might be facing currently, the chances of that happening are probably very minute.

It is almost impossible for a complete collapse of the internet to take place. Fortunately, the internet has not been designed like a magic box that has an on or off switch.

The internet is not even a physical entity. On the contrary, it is a collection of several physical entities and this broad domain is constantly evolving.

At one moment, the internet is something and the very next moment; it evolves into something completely and utterly different.

However, parts of the internet can still sometimes go offline as we see almost daily. There are a number of things how this can happen such as an underwater cable getting snagged by an anchor or a server crash that needs replacement or rebooting.

Irrespective of how this occurs, a temporary disconnection from the internet can disrupt our entire lives.

Like all things, the internet also has a backbone. Although, it is not centralized, and there is no specific socket or plug to connect or disconnect the internet.

The only way that the internet could suffer a global collapse is if the infrastructure is massively damaged or the protocols through which the machine communicates stop functioning for some reason.

It is almost impossible for the latter to happen spontaneously, although the scenario of massive damage might happen if a comet or an asteroid collides with our planet with enough force that it destroys a good part of the infrastructure of the internet.

The sun’s electromagnetic fluctuations or overwhelming gamma radiation might also result in a collapse. However, in both these conditions, Earth itself would be a difficult place to survive in so it would hardly matter whether or not you can log into your Facebook or Instagram account. 

Therefore, it can easily be said that although the ultimate collapse of the internet is almost unlikely, if it were to happen, it would not be the end of the world either (metaphorically speaking).  

Final Words

If we carry out a survey or a study today on the event of non-functioning of Google in the world, it is easy to imagine the results. We have so wholly become dependent on the internet and Google for a plethora of activities that it is challenging to consider a life without its presence on the planet.

And even if you could live without the internet, most people would not want to. Simply imagine that you forget to pay your mobile bill and your internet gets disconnected for a day?


What will happen? At most, you will not be able to fulfill your daily dose of social media or use chatting platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

However, you will also realize that it is, in fact, possible to make phone calls to get in touch with someone or discover that there are several other functions of a smartphone that you can carry out without rendering the device utterly useless.

So, how will life be without Google or the internet? Bleak, definitely but survivable!

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