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The guys over at EngineerJobs.com have just completed a quarterly report on where the engineering jobs are.
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The guys over at EngineerJobs.com have just completed a quarterly report on where the engineering jobs are. Unfortunately, if you are outside the U.S., then this report won't have much relation to you, but it can give you a good idea of the current spread between the different disciplines and what trends to expect in the near future.

Source: Engineer Jobs

No surprises come from the top 5 disciplines - Electrical, Systems, Mechanical, Computer, and Civil, with Electrical and Systems holding a little edge over the others (see chart below). What's worth noting however is that there was such an overwhelming amount of Software Engineering jobs (141165) that they felt it warranted a separate report.

However, it hardly comes as a shock as the world is more and more reliant on apps and software. There is an app for everything! But of course there is a lot more to Software Engineering than just phone applications; software plays a huge role in the workings of our world.

Source: Engineer Jobs

The report continues to look at the top states and metro areas for each discipline. California dominates the states for Electrical topping the list with 5,195 current jobs, leaving Texas (1,981) in second place by a considerable margin. There is also the fact that 3,563 Electrical jobs open up every three days.

Mechanical vacancies are dominated by the Western and Midwestern regions thanks to renewed manufacturing and automotive activity. The top 5 from first to fifth are California, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. They also note that there are more Mechanical positions in Texas than the countries total amount of Aerospace positions.


California tops the list again for Computer Engineering vacancies and comes as no surprise thanks to its booming technology industry.

Civil vacancies, however, seem to be decreasing with only 981 available roles in the first place from California. The report notes that if Network Engineering continues its current growth then Civil may be knocked out of the top 5 disciplines before the end of 2014.

The report creates a good idea of the current spread of engineering jobs and also a good outlook as to what to expect in the future. You can check out the full report here.


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