Why the Imperial System of Measurement Is the Worst

The metric system is used by pretty much everyone, except the USA, Liberia and Burma. Imperial units are terrible, let us explain why.
Trevor English

Most places in the world use the metric system of measurements, however, the USA, Burma, and Liberia are the 3 countries that still use the imperial system. Now, I must admit, I am an engineer in the US and I use the imperial system on a daily basis. I also use the metric system on a daily basis, which means strange conversion after conversion. While I, unfortunately, have grown fond and accustomed to imperial units, it is a TERRIBLE system of measurement. Nothing is even, there are endless conversion factors and why wouldn't a system of measurement have a unit called a "shatments." The metric system is by far superior over the imperial system, but the US people just don't want to convert. Check out the hilarious video below detailing the perfectly logical units and conversions in the imperial system of measurements.

It is important to note that many of the units in this video are not used on a daily basis or are outdated, but it does properly demonstrate the absurdity of the imperial system. There have been many attempts to change the US system of measurements to metric, but none have passed, and there are currently no signs that the metric system will be introduced anytime soon. In 1960, the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) did define inches and pounds in terms of meters and kilograms. So, the modern imperial system of measurement is simply a reflection of the metric system. If how a meter was defined changed, so would how an inch or a foot is defined.


Having odd conversions in the imperial system can also lead to some pretty bad mistakes. The technical community in the US often uses both metric and imperial, so if a conversion is missed, buildings can end up with major structural flaws. What do you think, should the US stay with the imperial system or should they convert to metric like the rest of the world?

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