Why This VPN Stands Tall as a Privacy Champion

PureVPN is a GDPR compliant VPN provider with a vision to keep the internet open and secure.
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Created: 6/25/2018

PureVPN is an industry leader in an increasingly competitive VPN market. While other VPN providers work for a single persona, PureVPN keeps its focus on all personas which include online privacy, security, as well as internet freedom and online entertainment. 

In the age of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not many companies can claim that they are completely compliant with these regulations. It’s even more difficult for a VPN company to comply with these regulations. 

VPNs often keep logs of user data. Some are required to keep logs because of surveillance laws in their countries (VPNs in USA, UK, Australia, etc. fall under this category). Others keep logs for service maintenance. 

PureVPN will never sell your data

The worst VPN brands keep logs so they can sell user data to marketing agencies, who use this data to create personalized ads or for contact information of potential customers. With all this going on, GDPR rocked the entire industry hard because it required these companies to be completely transparent and also give users the right to delete their data from their database. 

In this scenario, PureVPN gave preference to complete transparency for the end user. Because the company is based in Hong Kong, it does not require user data to comply with any laws in the country. 

Similarly, PureVPN makes money through the subscription fee it receives from its users. Unlike free VPN services, it does not depend on selling user data to remain financially stable. 

While the company was found to keep service logs, these turned out to be ordinary timestamps which have no relation to a users’ privacy. And since the imposition of the GDPR rules, the company has gone completely transparent and it does not keep any user logs which can affect the privacy of the user. 

Brilliant customer service brings peace of mind

PureVPN clearly outlines exactly what they collect from you and how they store and monitor their systems on their website. If, as a customer you ever have any queries their professional 24/7 support team are happy to answer any queries. 

PureVPN is an awesome choice for any VPN user, be it a company that wants to be private and secure on the internet, or an individual who wants to stream games from home. It operates a self-managed VPN network of over 750 Servers in 140+ Countries. 

Its main strength is its diversity, as users can find servers in almost any country, with the main nucleus being in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. PureVPN can offer its users the fastest streaming speeds. It has servers in all the right locations and is specialized to provide the fastest streams while users stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or any other popular online channel. 

Public WiFi networks leave you vulnerable to attack

Its focus to streaming is such that it has dedicated apps for Kodi as well, which allows cord-cutters to access and stream their favorite online channels with ease. As the internet becomes more accessible, the threat of cyber attacks is becoming more dangerous and commonplace. 

Using a VPN can protect you and all your internet connected devices against the threat of hackers, phishing, malware, and data scraping. PureVPN is especially helpful if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. 

The encryption PureVPN provides to its users secure them from any and all online threats and make them completely anonymous on the internet. There are many encryption protocols that come with each of PureVPN app. 

These protocols can provide encryption of up to 256-bit encryption, which is military grade and totally unbreakable even by the most experienced hackers. PureVPN can secure you today for a price that is competitive as well as comprehensive. 

An annual full subscription to all of PureVPN great features and high-level protection is as low as $64.94 USD. PureVPN also offers a 2-year plan for only $84.95 USD and a monthly plan for $10.95 USD.

PureVPN is always growing, its network of servers is continually expanding and the company is dedicated to improving its service for its customers. 

PureVPN is a GDPR compliant VPN provider with a vision to keep the internet open and secure.

PureVPN is already satisfying more than 1 million users across the six continents. PureVPN does more than make a great product, they are actively in support of organizations fighting for Internet privacy and security, and for Net Neutrality.

One way they do that is by supporting OpenMedia, an organization dedicated to keeping the internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. Open Media create community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet. 

At the moment they are working to raise awareness for the impending vote in Congress that will save Net Neutrality rules in the U.S. You can always look towards PureVPN as your privacy champion.

Via: PureVPN

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