With 56 Trucks, New Genoa Bridge Passes Sturdiness Test

The new bridge was tested with 56 trucks, weighing 2,756 US tons in total.
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The new Genoa bridge was tested with 56 trucks on all at the same time. The newly built bridge was designed by Renzo Piano after the Morandi Bridge collapsed almost two years ago. The old bridge collapsed during a ferocious storm on August 14, 2018. It fell into pieces and 43 people died.  

Now that the port city Genoa needed another well-designed and strong structure, Renzo Piano took on the responsibility. The construction carried on 24/7. With 1,000 employees in the construction site, the new bridge was completed in 13 months.


 A better design with endurance

Two Italian companies ran the project. The bridge was tested for its endurance with 56 trucks along the way. The trucks weighed 48.5 US tons (44 tonnes) each and drove over the bridge simultaneously

Renzo Piano describes the bridge, which absorbs solar energy during the day and shines at night, as “simple and parsimonious.” Despite the global pandemic that rocked Italy particularly hard, the construction was carried on without a stop with strict safety measures. Body temperatures of the workers were measured by thermo scanners regularly, and disinfectants were provided for all. Not to mention social distancing and keeping the entire construction sanitized periodically. 

With 56 Trucks, New Genoa Bridge Passes Sturdiness Test
Source: webuild

Brand new introduction 

The inauguration of the bridge was announced on the city mayor Marco Bucci's Facebook page. 

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The city's new bridge's name was officially declared as “Genova San Giorgio.” The only thing left before the bridge officially opens is placing the glass and solar panels, road signs, and the final layer of asphalt that is 1.5 inches (4 cm) thick.

The new bridge has been lit up at 7:30 p.m. every day since March 17, the anniversary of national unity. The lights shone are red, white, and green, which represent the country's flag. The decoration's purpose is to give a message of hope, regarding the unfortunate incident that took place two years ago.

With 56 Trucks, New Genoa Bridge Passes Sturdiness Test
Source: webuild

On July 27, in just a few days, a live concert will take place at the foot of the new Genoa Bridge, as well. The maestro Antonio Pappano will conduct the orchestra and perform the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven.

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