With a Failing Engine, Skilled Pilot Emergency Lands on Highway

After suffering an engine failure, a pilot lands a small plane on a highway without disturbing any cars or incurring any damage.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Pilots need to be skilled at flying but they also need to be skilled at landing. One such pilot showed his extreme skills when his plane suffered an engine failure and he had to land on a highway.


The incident was caught on camera by a driver on the highway and shows the plane landing on the road without even touching any cables or disturbing any cars. The story was also reported by Lafourche Gazette

The newspaper indicated that the small plane landed on the side of the road on La. Highway 3235. The plane belonged to local businessman and pilot Howie Guidry.

His family confirmed on social media that he was indeed the owner and driver of the plane and that with his emergency landing he avoided a potentially very bad situation. Guidry had flown his plane to do an annual check and had a mechanic on board.

He then noticed that something was terribly wrong. At first, he panicked but managed to calm himself enough to rely on his years of experience of flying to land the plane without injuring anyone and without any damage to the plane.

His daughter, Valerie Guidry Callais, said she believed the event was God's work. "God was definitely his co-pilot today," she said to Lafourche Gazette.