With a Full Glass of Milk on Her Head, Olympic Swimmer Glides Across Pool

Katie Ledecky effortlessly adds some milk to the regular front crawl, and not a single drop spills.
Fabienne Lang
Katie Ledecky with the glass of milkKatie Ledecky/Instragram

You've probably learned how to swim the front crawl, but can you swim the entire length of a pool while balancing a full glass of milk on the top of your head? Didn't think so.

But there's no need to feel bad about it as pretty much most people can't either. It takes the likes of U.S. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to manage such a feat. Watch Ledecky as she calmly and smoothly glides through a pool with a full milk glass on the top of her head. 


A milky challenge

On Monday, Ledecky posted a video of her balancing swim act on her Instagram account, stating that this was "possibly one of the best swims of my career!" 

We'll take her word for it, but that's quite the statement!

Ledecky filled a glass with chocolate milk before dunking her head underwater to seamlessly ease her way across the 82 ft (25m) pool lane as she sported her U.S. swim cap.

Even though this sounds like good fun and games, the swim wasn't just a random part of Ledecky's training (although it could be a good way to train!). The cool move was part of TikTok's Got Milk? challenge.

In a bid to revive milk sales, the iconic 1993 "Got Milk?" ad campaign has been re-launched. This year, a dairy industry-funded group, the Milk Processor Education Program, is running the show and asking people to post funny videos of themselves pulling off challenges with a glass of milk. 

Does Ledecky take home the gold medal for this challenge? Possibly, but there is plenty of other fun and funky challenges being posted online. How about watching a double video compilation of one person pouring milk while the other is doused in it from another screen? Or the man with a huge frizzy wig running down his street in high socks while carrying a massive human-sized wine glass filled with the white stuff? 

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