Woman Asks for Mariah Carey Birthday Cake, Gets Marie Curie Cake that Went Viral Instead

A woman in England asked her co-workers for a birthday cake featuring the Grammy-winning singer and while they got her the wrong cake by mistake, at least she got to go viral for her birthday.
John Loeffler

A writer took to social media over the weekend to share her cousin's hilariously "misunderstood" request for a Mariah Carey birthday-cake. Instead, her cousin got a Marie Curie cake that quickly went viral on Twitter.

All I Want for My Birthday Is...Marie Curie?

Over the weekend, while Twitter was probably still standing in line at Target, Harriet Alida Lye, a writer living in Toronto shared a picture of the birthday cake her cousin's co-workers in England got for her.


What her cousin asked for was a cake featuring the singer Mariah Carey, which her co-workers at the charity organization Hope for Chronic Conditions generously interpreted as a request for a cake featuring two-time Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie, who looked about as excited to be on the birthday cake of some stranger as you would expect.

The birthday girl was a good sport about the wildly-off-the mark-yet-somehow-still-a-bullseye cake decoration.

Twitter being Twitter, of course, thought the cake was perfect the way it was, liking the original tweet more than 200k times as of Monday afternoon and retweeting it tens of thousands of times.

Some couldn't help but make a couple of apropos, radioactivity puns before the day was out.

Others suspected that the "misunderstanding" was the perfect chance for her colleagues to get in a touch of good-natured fun with their coworker.

It was almost certainly a birthday Lye's Mariah Carey-superfan cousin won't forget any time soon since even Mariah Carey herself got in on the fun, wishing the birthday girl a happy birthday.

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Lye certainly couldn't have predicted that her tweet would blow up the way it did, but she was humble over the attention it drew. Rather than promote a SoundCloud account or something like that, she instead took the charitable route and asked that people check out the work of her cousin's charity organization and to support their efforts instead.

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