Woman Declared Dead Found to Be Alive in Funeral Home

The 20-year-old was falsely found to be expired by the fire emergency services.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Life holds many mysteries and sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Such is the case with this story of a woman who was declared dead only to later be found alive in the funeral home.


According to Local 4,20-year-old Southfield woman was found in cardiac arrest inside her home on Sunday morning. The relatives called 911 and the Southfield fire department responded.

“At 7:34 a.m. on August 23, 2020, Southfield Fire Department paramedics arrived at a home in Southfield on a call for an unresponsive female. When paramedics arrived, they found a 20-year-old who was not breathing. The paramedics performed CPR and other life reviving methods for 30 minutes. Given medical readings and the condition of the patient, it was determined at that time that she did not have signs of life," read a statement by the Southfield fire crew.

The statement went on to say that because there was no indication of foul play, standard operating procedure dictated that the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office was to be notified. The Examiner's Office again determined that the patient had expired and her body was released directly to her family so they could arrange proceedings with a funeral home of their choice.

However, sources reported to Local 4 that, at the scene, Southfield police saw the woman move and breathe. They brought this to the attention of the fire crew who dismissed the incident as a side effect of the medication. The patient was then transferred to a funeral home where it was discovered that she was still alive.

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“After receiving clearance from the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office she was transported to our funeral home. Upon her arrival at the funeral home, our staff confirmed she was breathing and called EMS," read a statement released by the James H. Cole Home for Funerals.

When emergency services came to the funeral home they found the woman alive and proceeded to get her to a hospital. One can't help but wonder, did the woman come back to life or was she simply never deceased?

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