Woman Finds Semi-Automatic Rifle Inside Goodwill Baby Bouncer Box

The woman thought she had found a perfect unopened gift.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Thrift shops are great places to find slightly used items at great prices. However, they can be risky as sometimes you don't know what you are getting.


One woman found this out the hard way when on Sunday she bought what she thought was an unused baby bouncer box for a baby shower. Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez was excited by the find and looked forward to gifting it to her expecting friends.

An unexpected surprise

However, once mother-to-be Amber Rosas and her husband opened the gift they got the surprise of a lifetime. Instead of a baby bouncer inside the box was a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle.

"All of our husbands are military, there were five soldiers around, so they knew what kind of gun it was right away," Rosas told CNN. They were quick to call the local Crestview Police who confirmed it was a .22 caliber rifle.

Oddly, enough the police first told the couple they could keep the gun. However, by Monday the authorities changed their minds and picked up the gun to see if they could trace it back to its original owner.

They did indicate that if the owner is not found the couple could hold on to the gun if they register it properly. Meanwhile, Alvarez-Rodriguez reached out on Twitter to the makers of the baby bouncer, Baby Einstein, to see if they had some idea as to how the gun ended up in their box.

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The firm was not of much help as they specified they did not give their items to goodwill but did offer to send Rosas a new jumper. Luckily, Rosas could soon find herself the owner of both a new jumper and a new gun.

All is well that ends well, I guess. What do you think of this story? Is it a funny coincidence or a dangerous situation that got handled well?

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