World's First 3D Printing Restaurant Opening in London in July

Trevor English

As 3D printers continue to advance the manufacturing industry, many are wondering when they will start to be seen on a wider scale in the food industry. There have been 3D printer candy shops where you can create customized gummies, but a restaurant that can print your food has yet to be seen. Food Ink is set to open their doors for 3 days at the end of July being the world's first 3D printing restaurant.

The 3D printers are supplied by a Dutch company, byFlow, where food is created with hummus, chocolate, peas, dough, and cheese, according to Arch Daily. If you noticed, these ingredients all have the unique ability to be extruded through a nozzle and created into something edible. Food Ink's food is quite artsy, even considered to be culinary sculptures, and the idea is generating a lot of hype.

The pop-up restaurant will open in London July 25-27, after a successful soft opening in the Netherlands. For now, the idea is functioning completely off of novelty and hype, working only as a pop-up restaurant for curious customers. The real question that has always surrounded 3D printed food is 'what will it taste like?'

3d print chocolate[Image Source: Food Ink]

"At Food Ink we create edible art prepared by the finest chefs with fresh natural ingredients and 3D-printed live using the revolutionary byFlow Focus 3D-printer. Our international launch is in London this Summer 2016 and we will be coming soon to a city near you." ~ Food Ink

To further the sensation of 3D printing, the stools in the restaurant are also 3D printed, according to Food Ink. It is likely that this 3D printed restaurant is just a small glimpse into dining in the future. Many companies are envisioning a future with a personal 3D food printer in everyone's home, being able to cook whatever the user would like.

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