World's First Flying Car Racing Series Will Feature 'Virtual Force Fields'

Data giant Acronis has partnered with Airspeeder to help get its flying cars safely into the skies.
Chris Young

Airspeeder, the company that's on course to make flying car races a reality thanks to significant industry backing, has just announced a partnership with Acronis, the data and cybersecurity giant responsible for securing mountains of performance data from Formula One, Formula E, and Premier League Football teams.

With the first Airspeeder GPs ostensibly planned for 2021, Acronis will secure the data for "the revolutionary LiDAR and Machine Vision technology that will deliver close but safe racing through the creation of virtual force-fields around each racing craft, named 'Speeders,'" Airspeeder has revealed in a press release.


Accelerating the new mobility revolution

Airspeeder's founder Matt Pearson says the company is built on the philosophy that nothing accelerates technical progress like sporting competition.

The flying car racing series firm explains that "the next-generation sport plays the same role the pioneers of Formula One did nearly a century ago in driving technical development and building public acceptance for a new mobility revolution."

World's First Flying Car Racing Series Will Feature 'Virtual Force Fields'
Source: Airspeeder

As with Formula One, the name of the game is entertainment. And yet, Airspeeder's flying car series has the potential to rapidly accelerate the development of eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) technology that can massively benefit the growing sector.

The eVTOL industry has been widely dubbed as 'flying electric taxis' and is considered by many to be the next great mobility revolution — Morgan Stanley has predicted the sector to be worth $1.5 trillion dollars by 2040. 

World's First Flying Car Racing Series Will Feature 'Virtual Force Fields'
Source: Airspeeder

Companies like Uber, Hyundai, Daimler, and Airbus have iterations of the flying car taxi in development and stand to gain from the furnace of close sporting competition that is Airspeeder's upcoming flying car series.

It's easy to see how Airspeeder's LiDAR and Machine Vision "force field" technology could massively help to make public transport versions of flying cars a lot safer.

A culture of technological success

Not only will Acronis' cyber solutions help secure incredible amounts of data needed to improve safety and performance on the flying circuits, Airspeeder's team, and pilots will also benefit from real-time data including analysis of battery and key system performance.

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World's First Flying Car Racing Series Will Feature 'Virtual Force Fields'
Source: Airspeeder

"At Airspeeder we are creating an aerial motorsport driven by innovation," explained Alauda and Airspeeder founder Matt Pearson in the company's press release. "Backing from Acronis, a business with an extraordinary culture of technological success in Formula One and Formula E represents significant affirmation of our vision to accelerate the next great mobility revolution through sporting competition."

Acronis' secure data analysis solutions currently enhance some of the world's most celebrated sporting entities such as Williams Martini Racing, and Liverpool Football Club. If they help to truly get Airspeeder's racing series off the ground and, in doing so, give the eVTOL industry a boost, we're looking forward to seeing the fruits of this partnership.

If you want a better idea of what the races might look like, have a look at an Airspeeder flying car in action in the video below.

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