World's First Lab-Grown 'Chicken' Meat Approved in Singapore

The "meat" doesn't come from slaughtered animals, nor does it come from plants.
Fabienne Lang
Eat Just "chicken"Eat Just

The Singapore Food Agency has approved U.S.-based Eat Just to start selling its lab-grown "chicken" meat in the nation. 

The company stated they'd first come in the shape of chicken nuggets, but no specific date or restaurant name for where they'll appear have been provided. Although it is said that only one restaurant will sell the product so far.

The hope is to eventually branch out and sell the product to numerous restaurants and grocery stores.

This news comes amid an upwards trend for meat alternatives, with other companies creating faux-meats via 3D bioprinting, or by using plant-based options. Eat Just's option being approved by the Singaporean government, however, is claimed to be a "world first."


No chickens were killed in order to create Eat Just's faux-chicken-nuggets. Instead, the company used a revolutionary method of using animal muscle cells.

The cells are sourced from the animal in ways that include biopsies, they are then cultured, transferred into a bioreactor, fed a number of proteins, amino acids, minerals, sugars, salt, and other nutrients before being harvest at the right density. 

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The company, which also specializes in egg and meat substitutes, will debut its product in Singapore under the GOOD Meat brand

It called this move a "breakthrough for the global food industry," and hopes other countries will follow Singapore's example.

This is a move forwards for Singapore, a nation that imports approximately 90% of its foodstuffs — something that's been greatly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To minimize such impacts, and help the planet, Singapore has begun an initiative called "30 by 30," which hopes to see 30% of the country's food supply locally produced by 2030. 

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