Want to Trade in Your Samsung Note 7? Here are your options.

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UPDATE: Samsung has completely halted production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. Samsung said that they "taking our customer's safety as our highest priority, [so] we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7," according to the Associated Press. No word yet from Samsung on how this decision will affect recalls, returns or replacements. Continue to our original story below:

After weeks of spontaneously-combusting Note 7 phones, cell phone providers offered disgruntled owners replacement phones.

All seemed well until the replacements started exploding.

Now, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and other carriers have stopped issuing replacement phones entirely. Samsung also encouraged all global retailers to stop sales and exchanges before again going silent about the issue.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warned owners to power down their phones while they investigate. One replacement phone halted a flight out of Louisville, Kentucky late last week.

So owners can't power up their devices. What are they supposed to do?

Try another Samsung

The Galaxy S7 Edge still has the Note's water resistance, good camera and wireless charging. It's known for the crisp display of the Note. Given that it's slightly cheaper than the Note, you should even get some cash back on the exchange.

Get a different brand entirely

According to CPSC, major retailers must give buyers an option to exchange - non-Samsung brands included. Most major carriers are offering iPhone 7S and even iPhone 7 Plus (which will be available come November) to Note 7 owners. While switching from Android to Apple seems sacrilege to most Android users, at least iPhones haven't exploded yet. Apple even has a free Android to iPhone app to help switching over devices.

Try something completely new

There's always the Google Pixel, a brand new phone which debuted last week. The phone will hit markets Oct. 20, and the phone runs the latest version of Android. This trade could be particularly beneficial to Verizon users. The Pixel and Pixel Xl are exclusive to Verizon.

Hold Out Hope?

Plenty of people shelled out serious cash for the Note 7 when it debuted. We can't blame those who can't give up on their investments just yet. For those not willing to give up their (potentially hazardous) phone, turn it off and leave it off. Maybe Samsung will one day be able to tell you what happened and how to fix the problem.

Whatever you decide, we just ask that you don’t power up your Note 7s on an airplane ever again.

Via Daily Mail, USA Today, Digital Trends

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