You Can Control This Electric Bike Through the Internet

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Innovative electric vehicles have been stirring up a lot of buzz in recent times, but their mechanisms can sometimes be bulky. One company has decided to take electric biking to a whole new level and incorporate bluetooth connectivity into the innovative design. On top of this incredibly functional feature, the Electric S bike looks nothing like you would expect, and there are very few indications that it is actually powered through an electric motor, according to TNW. The short video released by Amsterdam based company VanMoof shows off their product in a new light.

Naturally, you may be asking why bluetooth would be necessary to integrate into a bike, but it actually provides an even greater level of security to the somewhat expensive design. With a built in locking feature and display monitoring, the battery powered bike can travel 75 miles on a single charge. Adjustable speeds, and all of its other features mean there isn't much not to like about the incredibly stylish design.

One of the best abilities the user gains when having an internet connected bike is no longer having to hassle with keys, or remembering your bike lock's combination. Now you can simply unlock the bike with a tap of your screen.

If for some reason a thief does steal your bike, there's a built in GPS that allows users to recover the bike, with the help of the local authorities of course.

electric bike riding[Image Source: VanMoof]

Now here is the major downside to the Electrified S electric bike, it costs a whopping US$3500, likely leaving the product to only be bought by the very well off. Containing a 250W electric motor, the bicycle can certainly hold its ground for all of your biking needs. If you are someone who rides their bike to work each day, you may be able to justify the several thousand dollar price tag.

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featured electric bike[Image Source: VanMoof]

So why don't you head out and go get yourself a stylish electric bike? Oh, yeah we forgot, it costs as much as some used cars . . . Well you could always save up for one. As technological innovation meets centuries old mechanisms, the future is looking pretty bright for the recreation industry.

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