You Can Now Earn an Online Degree in "Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight"

Udacity believes the future of everyday travel will take to the skies via the flying car. Their new nanodegree program prepares you for a career in that future.
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Sebastian Thrun is a bit of a rockstar in the tech world. On top of being CEO of Kitty Hawk, a company working to bring the dream of flight to everyone through their Flyer vehicle, Thrun has used his passion for technology and his creativity to drive innovation in the field of driverless cars as well as robotics.

Understanding the changing tech landscape and the growing demand for individuals who specialize in fields like machine learning or that can fluently speak a coding language, Thrun founded Udacity. Udacity is an online learning program that offers its users nanodegrees, or programs taught by world-class experts in a wide range of in-demand technical fields. 

Recently, the online platform has launched a nanodegree program aimed to prepare the technically savvy and curious for the coming age of the flying car.  

The Flying Car Nanodegree Program

Being a two 3 month term program, the flying car nanodegree offers those accepted to the program a challenging but rewarding experience. The program will be taught by "instructors who are leaders in this transformational field"During the program, you will gain mastery over the autonomous flight software engineering skills as well as feed your curiosity in drone robotics. 

The program boasts that "You’ll master controls, planning, and more. In an increasingly congested world, flying cars look to the skies to provide smart transportation solutions that benefit us all."


Thrun, also an instructor for the program, is convinced the coming age of the flying car is not too far off into the future. Companies around the world are already taking the first steps in this direction, attempting to provide an aerial solution for growing congested ground. 

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You will not be able to immediately jump into the program. To even complete this program you will need to fulfill some of the program's basic requirements. Some of these prerequisites include a substantial experience programming in any language, an intermediate-level of programming experience in Python, and a basic understanding of calculus to name a few. For the full list be sure to check out their page

If you are eager to get a head start in the world of flying cars and autonomous flight, applications are due this year by February 7. 

The Udacity Vision

Udacity offers a wide range of programs each with the same goal; to provide lifelong learners with the tools and skills to enter the professions of their dreams. Udacity prides itself on offering education that is accessible, flexible, and economical. 

Via: Udacity

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