You could have your H2ome on a coral reef

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While we have heard about underwater rooms in some of the big hotels around the world, a company called US Submarines Structures have taken things even further by offering underwater homes, called H2ome. They even have all the luxuries that you would get at a 5-star hotel.


[Image Source: H2OME]

H2ome allows those with enough money, to live in a home spreading out over two floors that are submerged and offers 340 square meters of living space. The home can be accessed from the shoreline on a private pier and down a central elevator or spiral staircase.


[Image Source: H2OME]

The top floor layout of the home offers two bedrooms with views through a skylight out into the ocean above. This means the lucky owners can watch the sea life swimming by as they lay in bed. There are also two bathrooms and an open lounge area on the top floor for relaxing.

On the lower floor there is the master bedroom which comes with an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen complete with a wine cellar, library, lounge area, dining area, office space, a bar and areas for just chilling out and viewing the ocean outside.


[Image Source: H2OME]

The walls are made of acrylic panels, offering residents stunning views out onto their own backyard, the open ocean. These come with their own automated water jet cleaning systems, designed to keep the windows clean of algae. Furnishings for the H2ome are courtesy of a company from Dubai who outfit only the top luxury hotels, along with the interiors of super yachts.

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The company behind these luxury underwater homes have an example layout for interested clients, however, anyone who wants to live under the sea can customise their home as they see fit. The home also comes with lighting on the exterior along with fish feeders, to attract the denizens of the ocean to your front door.

The owner can choose the location for their home or it can be chosen by the company. In the case of the owner choosing the location there is some criteria, it has be built at a depth of 10 to 18 metres. Suitable places include warm shallow seas, lagoons and lakes in the mountain regions. To ensure stability of the home it is bolted to struts, which are then fastened to the floor of the ocean. The home has equal air pressure to the surface so there is no concern about decompression.


[Image Source: H2OME]

US Submarine Structures also offer a service equal to landscaping, called seascaping. This allows clients to have a say in what surrounds their home and what they look out onto. For instance there could be the use of hard or soft coral gardens, which not only look superb, but which offer a habitat for the fish.

Each of the H2omes has umbilical cords that run from the mainland and these deal with sewage systems along with electricity and fresh water. The website of the company says that there is also the possibility of a more self-contained and advanced property that can handle its own fresh water and electricity needs.

As you might expect, luxury underwater homes such as this do not come cheap. The company have set a price tag of US$10 million on the H2ome.

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