You too can be a locksmith with a paperclip lock picking set

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I'm sure you've all been in a situation where you have forgotten your keys and are stuck in front of a locked door. Well how about going full-on Macgyver and creating your own paperclip lock picking set. Sean Nicholls has made a video of himself making his very own set using just normal paperclips and a small pair of plyers and you can too.

paperclip_picks[Image Source: John Nicholls]

Of course, once you've made the set you're not going to be cracking through locked doors everywhere, lockpicking takes practice. As a disclaimer we would advise you to be aware of the legality of your actions, you can't just go busting into people's houses or opening up bars for a private late night drink. It is however a handy skill to possess for situations like the one we mentioned, forgetting your keys. Also maybe old family safes that you have lost the key to.

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Of course there are professional sets available in stores and online but you're unlikely to be carrying them with you all the time. Paperclips are widely available and easily found in a short space of time.

You can also check out this WikiHow for step by step instructions on making your very own set and it also explains how to pick your first lock.

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