YouTube Attention-Seeker Who Cemented His Head Into a Microwave Miraculously Survived

Cement and microwaves do not go together. The TGFbros decided to cement their heads in a microwave in an absurd almost-fatal youtube prank.
Donovan Alexander
Microwave Cement PrankTGFBro/YouTube

What would you do for a little social media fame? Swallow a spoon of cinnamon? Set yourself on fire? Jump into moving traffic? It sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, self-destructive behavior like this is being broadcasted all over social media in a desperate attempt to get clicks.

YouTube Fail?

You have probably have seen your share of Youtube fails and pranks gone wrong, but this may be a the top of the list in 2017. Youtuber Jay Singler's recent youtube antics almost got him killed when he cemented his head in a microwave.

The TGFbro is a youtube series where "bros" dedicate themselves to doing ridiculous things on camera. The other YouTuber present in the video is Romell Henry. Both in their twenties, the team have recorded themselves playing with explosives, sitting in tubs filled with chili sauce, and a fake tanner. More recently, the "daring" duo recorded themselves putting their bodies in bathtubs filled with concrete and expanding foam.


Cement and Microwaves

In their most recent video, Swingler decided to take things to the next level. How could they up their idiocy you say? Swingler and Henry thought it would be an excellent idea to cement a microwave to Swingler's head. Using Polyfilla, a spackling paste used to fill the holes in walls, Swingler placed his head in the appliance with Polyfilla. But, do not worry, the appliance had a breathing tube. Yet, as the Polyfilla began to expand, his breathing supply was cut off, causing the YouTuber to panic. The cement material clasped around tube making it almost impossible to breathe.

Thankfully, after trying to cut Swingler out with a knife, Henry called emergency services. In a response video about the incident, Swingler said, “I’ve never appreciated life so much, ever. Thank you very, very much to the paramedics and the fire brigade for helping me get out."

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YouTube Attention-Seeker Who Cemented His Head Into a Microwave Miraculously Survived
Source: West Midlands Fire Service

Though some seem to have found the prank funny, hilarious or exhilarating, the five firefighters who were called to the scene were "not impressed." "We're seriously unimpressed, " says the West Midlands Fire Service. "Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube prankster whose head had been 'cemented' inside a microwave oven."

Maybe putting yourself at risk for the entertainment of others is not the best idea. Ironically this did gain Singler more attention than he probably could have hoped for, but maybe it is true, any press is good press. We will see. However, their youtube video was demonetized because of Youtube's policy that states “content that promotes harmful or dangerous acts that result in serious physical, emotional, or psychological injury is not suitable for advertising.” What do you think of Jay Swingler's failed youtube prank? Was it funny? Did he deserve it? (Please do not try this at home.)

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